01.View the members' desires which are fair, education, convention, seminary, conferance and supply the demand 75% percentage fall within the budget,

02.State education necessities of staff, make planning in and out-service training about this necessities in accordance with legislation, and supply the demand 75% percentage fall within the budget,

03.Update members' communication informations (Address, Tel, Fax, Web, E-mail etc.) , supply the deficiency, supply the deficiency of communication between chamber and member about 75%percentage, reach out members minimum 75%percentage about notifications (education, convention, seminary, conferance, actions, legislation anouncements, organisations etc.) ,

04.Supply the demand from members quickly and effectual in accordance with legislation, solve member's problems minimum 75% percentage, improve on phsical conditions of building minimum 75% percentage, solve staff's phsical and fiscal problems minimum 75% percentage fall within the budget and provide productivity,

05.Come into demand from member and public opinion by the mediation of surveys, view them, supply the deficiency 75% percentage fall within the budget, provide educations for staff, provide customer satisfaction minimum 75% percentage

06.State necessities of chamber and view state of play of supplier, state the capacities, view delivery time and policy of pricing, meet success minimum 75% percentage when taking high quality property and employ.

07.Contribute to our members and social life with our jobs, and throw a new light to local and country administrators,

08.Help for development and outflow of Susurluk, Balıkesir and Türkiye,

09.Prioritize country profit than member profit,

10.Make appeal the chamber membership, protect the prestige, integrate chamber and member , and objective deal,

11.Make counsel vanity our chamber about business world by members,

12.Provide and keep horizontal and vertical communication.         


    Within the precintcts of city, with team spirit, contribute developing of fiscal and commercial life, be a non-governmental organization, hich lead plans, which are utilize the social solutions and realize the outputs by all people.