a) Ethic to the profession, discipline and preserve the solidarity and promoting the development of trade and industry to ensure the public interest

b) To deliver relevant to compile information and news concerning Trade and Industry, to the information to be requested by the relevant authorities in accordance with applicable laws and all kinds of information they need in the exercise of their profession, especially members give their case applications for,or to facilitate the acquisition of them, making attempts to guide members on electronic commerce and Internet networks, these issues and to establish the necessary infrastructure to function

c) Trade and Industry to make any kind of investigation, within the economic zones, keep the commercial and industrial activity indices and statistics,

d) Edit documents specified in the Act

e) Proposals to the authorities on issues related to professional services, wish and make application for, or the entire members of the interest that the case of a part of the members of parliament to open its own behalf or on behalf of lawsuits

f) Working in the fields of commercial and industrial customs and precedents to determine, submit to the approval of the Ministry and to declare

g) Domestic and overseas participate in fairs

h) 5362 numbered Tradesmen and Artisans who counted on the law of maximum tariffs for goods and services if necessary, for its members, in accordance with regulations to identify and confirm

i)Union within the framework of the relevant laws and carry out the duties to be given by the Ministry 

j) Set what the members of the Union to keep records in accordance with the standards and to store documents relating to membership fees, to provide them if requested by the union

k) Legislation is given to the ministries or other public institutions and organizations, to carry out this work within the framework of the chaber new gets deposited into goals and tasks set forth in this law institutions

l) The needs of members and to provide the documents necessary services in this regard

m) Domestic evaluate the proposal from about fairs, to present them to the ministry

n) Examine consumer complaints about members and the activities of other organizations are purposes

o) The permission and supervision of the Ministry of National Education, commerce and open courses related to the profession, subsidizes the drop-course students to read at home and abroad required fields and to keep the trainee vocational and technical education and teaching development and orientation to make them work, as frustrated with the establishments of its members 3308 in the Vocational Education Act covered the not received occupations edit documents related to this application

p) Upon the request of those concerned, be the referee in commercial and industrial faction, arbitration boards to create

r) Join the exhibit will be opened, or opening, fairs, general stores, warehouses, museums and libraries