Dear members;

Hazardous materials carrying necessary for "Regulation About Dangerous Properties Carrying Overland" which is inured that numbered of 28801 and dated of 24/10/2013, in accordance with "Europian Unity About Hazardous Materials Overland International Carrying (ADR)" which law is numbered of 5434 and dated of 30/11/2015 and side by Türkiye.

As part of this regulation, the ways depended about senders' , customers' , fillers' , heavers' , deliverers' , packagers' , carriers' , every hazardous material drivers' , margin, responsibility, obligation and working conditions.

Because of this regulation's decides bring new obligations to line firms and for keeping executive obligations which result from missing information, The Union of Chambers And Commodity make common cause with Ministry of Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communication will give information educations as follows at 15-19 June 2015 in Ankara UCC service construction.

Because of limited quota, our members who want to join, appeal in writing our chamber until 03/06/2015 at the close of business is requested.


Programme   :

Place           : UCC Service Construction 1. and 2. Meeting Rooms

                    Dumlupınar Boulevard No: 252 Eskişehir Road 9.Km ANKARA     


15.06.2015 Monday

a) Criterions About Packing Selection

b) Necessities of Packing

c) Rules For Ticketing of Packing

d) Rules For Ticketing of Pack

e) Driver's Authority

f) Transportation Units and Description of Equipment

g) Transit Restriction of Tunnels

h) Documents;

    1) Transportation Documents,

    2) Written Instructions

ı) Safe Transportation – Weight separation and Be Safe (CV rules for rollers)

j) Transportation control before leaving

k) Classification of infraction - infraction groups

16.06.2015 Tuesday

a) Tank;

    1) Imagination necessity

    2) Rules for selection and convertibility hierarchy

    3) Vehicle selection

    4) Stick panels to the tanks

b) Vehicles for carrying hazardous materials in tanks;

    1) Technical necessity

    2) Rules for stick panels

    3) Vehicles

c) Documents;

    1) Transportation document

    2) Certification

    3) Written instructions

d) Drivers' specifities

e) Transit Restriction of Tunnels

f) Transportation control before leaving

g) Classification of infraction - infraction groups

17.06.2015 Wednesday

a) Kind of immunities;

    1) Total immunities

    2) Carrying packing materials with limited "LQ" 

    3) "EQ" transportation with exceptional mass

    4) Carriying “” hazardous materials with little mass

    5) Immunity of transport chain

    6) Immunities in special “3.3” decides

b) Vehicle team and necesities for drivers

c) Transportation rules

    1) Vehicles and necessities

    2) Equipments

    3) Transit Restriction of Tunnels

d) Documents

e) Transportation control before leaving

f) Classification of infraction - infraction groups

g) Bulk delivery in vehicles and containers

18.06.2015 Thursday

Firm's aim and responsibilities and TMGD’s role and responsibilities

a) TMGD’s desicnation responsibilities

b) TMGD’s role in firms

c) Reports about firms activities

d) Report and notifications about danger and accidents

e) Security pans of high-risk hazardous materials

f) Education of staff

g) Responsibilities of sides cause of ADR

h) Modal infraction examples

ı)  Classification of infraction - infraction groups

19.06.2015 Friday

Description and classification of hazardous materials

a) Dangers of hazardous materials

b) Review criterion of classified materials

c) Criterions for nomination of materials' packing groups

d) Classification algorithms of hazardous materials

e) Spesific classification of infectious materials, argonometallic materials etc.

f) Classification of waste

g) Spesification of orientation and classification

h) Make form of equipment security       


PC : Education programmes will occur at 09.00 a.m. -05.30 p.m.