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                                               INDUSTRIAL REGISTRY RECORDS


         Science, Industry and Technology from the Provincial Directorate of History and 28385714-120.02.01 09.18.2014 / No. 1080-1082 pursuant to article;

          Industry Registration Act No. 6948;


         Article 1; "Industrial Enterprise" designation by "changing the properties of a substance constant and mass-manufacturing sites are processed removed the mines with the locations and continuously and serial electric or other energies are establishments engaged in repair production by power plants, ships major construction sites, such as the construction" of the Industrial Property unless otherwise specified.


          Article 2 of the New drop-industrial enterprises, science within two months from the date of initial activity, are obliged to register with the Ministry of Industry and Technology Industrial Register.


         Article 4 is, when there is a change in the Industrial Register declaration (Title, Address, Product vb.changing) or the company's permanent or temporary closure of the transition to the status or activities should be reported to the Ministry of Industry Registry again within a month.

          Article 9 is, do not apply within the legal deadline and the businesses that perform notifications are reported they will be subjected to administrative penalties.


    However, 6495 on "Some Laws and Amending the Decree, August 2, 2013 and dated 28 726 numbered Official Gazette and entered into force, 6948 by Law Article 2 of Law No. Industry Registration Law temporary article added.With such temporary matter; the Activity is being irrespective of the industry until 31/12/2014 from the non-recording the record industry business registration procedures required by Article 9 of the Law on completing the administrative penalty is prescribed for those who do not register at the record industry does not apply to the provision was introduced.


         In this respect, the enrolled member of the Industry Registration and notification of changes to our complete until 31.12.2014, is important in terms of their exposure to administrative fines.