Financial Reporting Obligation

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FROM TRADE REGISTRY DIRECTORATE SUSURLUK dates from 05/04/1990 and numbered 20508 published in the TR Official Gazette No. 3628 dated 04.19.1990 of goods must be made ​​on the Declaration Against Bribery and Corruption Law's Article 2 and Article 7 of the for me According to the provisions;

- Cooperative and Chairman of the Higher Board, Board of Directors, General Managers' from the end of the ongoing tasks (0) and (5) of the ending year until the end of February, the goods must be in the notification.

- Chairman and Members, General Managers, Product Notifications until the end of February 2015 in an envelope and cover letter are not in the annex,

 - Co-administration in accordance with the Law of the 8/2 agent tasks result in dry goods declaration are working with the chairman, and the members and board members are required to report these cases with a letter to the Customs and Trade Directorate.

Otherwise, the 3628 Law No. 10. According to the provisions of Article strongly Republic to a criminal complaint to the prosecutor's office announced.